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Company Profile

Yisheng company, established in 1988,is also know as Cixi Zhenxing bearing Factory. Within 13 years, it has developed from nonexistence to existence, from small to large, from weak to strong. Its outstanding achievements make it popular both on domestic and international markets. At present,90% of the products are exported to the United States. The annual output value is as much as over 10 million yuan.

In 1988,we had only one type of bearing product. But now, our products cover series of miniature deep groove ball bearings, bearing steel and stainless steel etc. In a great variety and specifications and plastic holders accessorized to ministry-level top products.

Yisheng is just like this.13 years' progression way has concentrated the development history of a bearing company: the strategies of brand, multiple products and international market. Yinsheng's foresight in strategy planning and Yisheng's hardship in struggling ahead can been seen from each step of its growth. Yet inspired by its spirit "unique character "and its culture "innovation", Yisheng has achieved remarkable accomplishment in each step. It has won admiration both at home and abroad.

During the past 13 years, placed in the increasingly competitive market, Yisheng has maintained a high growth rate. Its success story can been seen from its watchword-innovation, which has been the core of Yisheng's culture since its founding. At Yisheng, where progress is always the most important theme whether in time of success or difficulty, achievements only belong to the past time ,for each person and each task, to be innovative is the forever prerequisite.